The European Student Association (ELSA) is the world's largest, apolitical, non-entrepreneurial legal entity that operates in the field: international, nationally and culturally. Nowadays, we have a total of 44 European governance groups in the group, 390 from the high schools of higher education in Methalel, 51000 to the talented students. ELSA Georgia has three local groups: ELSA Tbilisi, ELSA Kutaisi and Elsa Batumi (Batumi), which represent the international networks.

It was founded on May 4, 1981 in the Polish, Austrian, Hungarian and Western Scientists. The creation of the association was originally the same as the "Iron Fibre" bureau in the series of interconnected interconnections of the international community. On October 12, 1992 in Belgrade, in the city of Urbribus, a workshop was taken to be a philosophical vision: "A just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity". In the development of playoffs in the development of the process of play. The organization of the activities of the partnership in the United Nations has the following institutions: European Council, UNESCO, ECOSOC, UNCITRAL, United Nations Committee on Economic Affairs. The Association is a matter of law, and the law of the youth. Reorganization of the legal, educational and lifestyle habits of European economists for the establishment of the European standards.
The purpose of the examination is to:
∙ legal education;
. Student Exchange Work Programs;
. Learning the practice of learning in students.

On November 2, 2008, in Germany, in the city of Germany, when the Association of the United States, the 54th meeting of the Association of the United States was very difficult to meet the observers of the Stats, On October 28, 2009, in Romania, in the city of Sainaia, on 56th meeting of the Association of the International Association of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights and the Proclamation of the Republic of Georgia.